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Marriage Tip #97


When your wife is upset, the last thing you want to do is to back away, as if mentally isolating her isn’t enough you are now physically isolating her. Get closer to her and hug her. Hold her. Even if she resists, you stand firm and hold your wife and you tell her you love her and that everything will be okay because Allah be praised you are the only one she relies on and you make damn sure you step up to the plate when she needs you. 

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Defenestrations: I Miss You (I won't go into detail)


Truth is it’s early on but I’m lonely and your absence digs deep in my soul. I’m trying to think of other things but it keeps drifting back to that moment, over a decade ago (maybe close to two), when I was first introduced to you. It was love at first sight, and I was enthralled. You were so…

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Defenestrations: We are closer to we.


Your trust is a precious thing. A gem I treasure as if there were nothing more precious. For you I will always be true; for you I’ll always abide. You will always be my first and last, and I’ll never nothing without you passing through my mind. You’d never know except my wanting you to see what’s…

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